Sketches from Appalachia - June 2012

1. Cody and Emily, Pipestem Drive Inn. Pipestem, West Virginia. 2. Sign along Route 20. Pipestem, West Virginia. 3. Lilly Bridge, Bluestone Lake. Hinton, West Virginia. 4. The New River, Summers County. Hinton, West Virginia. 5. Mr. Larry Owens of The Apple Barrel market. Lerona, West Virginia. 6. Flowers and fresh produce at The Apple Barrel market. Lerona, West Virginia. 7. Picnic table on the hill at the Appalachian South Folklife Center. Pipestem, West Virginia. 8. Andy W. Blue's painting at the Appalachian South Folklife Center depicting the tragedies of coal mining and the struggles of labor organizing. Pipestem, West Virginia. 9. iPhone montage (from top to bottom, left to right): 1) Welcome to West Virginia, I77 North coming out of the East River Mountain Tunnel, 2) Dipping my feet in the New River, 3) Sandstone Falls at the New River, 4) Pipestem Drive Inn, 5) Picking black rasberries in Elgood, and 6) Morning light in Elgood.

Sketches from Appalachia

I had an assignment in West Virginia last weekend for a new client. From start to finish, it went remarkably well. I had a great time, met some great people, and got to spend a day in the field with Elaine McMillion, director of Hollow (you should check it out). I look forward to sharing the final piece of the assignment when it's published in a few weeks. Here are some outtakes from the trip.

1. Brandon Letner, Bluefield Retread & New Tire Sales. Bluefield, West Virginia. 2. Harrison Street. Princeton, West Virginia. 3. Joe & Anita Kerekes' kitchen window. Berwind, West Virginia. 4. The Kerekes' old home place. Berwind, West Virginia. 5. Manuel Collins, flatfoot dancer. War, West Virginia. 6. Clothesline. War, West Virginia. 7. Soaked with sweat, flatfoot dancer Manuel Collins takes a break in his kitchen. War, West Virginia. 8. Manuel continues dancing in his living room. War, West Virginia. 9. Route 16. McDowell County, West Virginia. 10. Morning light in a mason jar. Elgood, West Virginia.